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What is identity?

Identity (also called "brand" or "corporate style", "brand ID" or "corporate ID", to whom it is convenient) is a visual component of the brand, designed to increase its recognition and create an impression of integrity.


Identity includes everything that relates to the visualization of the brand, starting from the logo and ending with literally every piece of paper used by the company.

A single corporate style arouses confidence in the consumer and creates the impression of a strong and prosperous company. The identity significantly reduces the amount of time and money that will later be spent on advertising, as the company's holistic visual style has already been drawn up, which does not require any changes. Properly thought out corporate identity is one of the strongest tools in the competition for a place in the sun.


The creation of identity means the development of a logo, a slogan, the selection of suitable fonts and colors for official company documentation and for promotional products, development of attributes (business cards, envelopes, boxes, etc.).


Of course, the starting point in creating identity is the logo. And of course the development of a logo is probably the most time-consuming process.

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