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What does each color mean?


Red, orange and yellow are warm colors:


  • Red is associated with love, power, passion and excitement.
  • Orange is associated with joy, happiness and caution.
  • Yellow is associated with pleasure, energy and childlike innocence.


Think about the way you use these colors in an advertising campaign, the development of a logo or a website and about what associations cause those or other shades. For example, you can use the yellow color in the logo design for the florist, beating the warmth of yellow flowers or the passion of the reds. Think about the feelings associated with the child's yellow rubber gum or the waking sensation of a cleaning orange. All these feelings are associated with warm colors.


Green, blue and violet - cold colors:


  • Green color is associated with eco-movements, freshness and nature.
  • Blue - with calmness, stability, devotion.
  • Purple is associated with power, luxury and spirituality.


The blue color will bring a calm state of rest on the beach. Green color will be an excellent choice for designing a logo for a company that produces solar panels. The purple logo will suit a prestigious restaurant or hotel and will attract customers, who are looking for premium services.


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