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How to choose a font for your website?


Lots of people have no idea what are fonts and how they differ from each other (and this is normal), but you unmistakably feel that something is wrong with your site if the font that you use does not fit to your project.

What is font saturation?


The font weight (font, font weight) determines the thickness of each letter. Usually we are accustomed to call the text normal and bold. Fonts can also have additional thickness options - from very thin (super light) to very fat (super bold).


What size does the font have to be on the website?


The font size depends on the amount of text. If the text is very small, and it is used in fact only for signatures and comments, make it larger - 22px (the default setting is 20px), so it will look more representative. If the text is large enough, reduce it to 18px, so it will be easier to read.


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