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5 myths about graphic design


Graphic design today is one of the main components of information transfer which creates an attractive design and gives significance to any story.

Design myth #1


If you are a designer, you should not deviate too much from copywriters and editors, you are responsible for the final appearance of the text on the page. Your design should complement the story written by the copywriter, so you need to read the entire text, properly compose it and make it up. You should make the message on the page as clear as it’s possible that is achievable only by working in tandem with the copywriter and with the text in general.

Design myth #2


A new direction in design can inspire and throw wonderful ideas. But creating all the work based only on the trends can drive you to a standstill.


Design myth #3


The pressure is extremely bad for graphic designers, which require you to come up with something new and incredibly cool every time. Customers raise the bar of expectations every time, focusing on the modern designs of their competitors and other projects, wishing to keep up and keep the leadership position in the forefront of the design trend.
You will have to forget about inspiration and focus exclusively on finding new solutions that will lead the customer to the leading positions.
Do not forget that first of all you are a designer so practice new approaches to design, study new programs, try to improve the project that is already finished. Sometimes these actions lead to the emergence of new ideas that can be used in the next project.


Design myth #4


Some designers take their hatred of Comic Sans to the extreme, severely criticizing all those who dare to use it in their work. In general, this font was first developed for use in books with comics. Since then, it began to be used uncontrollably wherever the customer asks for the "original" font. Of course, this font with its style is not applicable everywhere, especially in printing but sometimes it can be used.
Today, many designers with experience choose Comic Sans to transfer the "everyday" style in their projects, as well as to display dialogs in the illustrations. Therefore, you should not write off the font from the accounts, it is very specific but it can be used.


Design myth #5


The profession of "designer" is becoming more and more popular, but there’s no clear understanding of what the graphic designer does. Many people believe that the main task of the designer is to "make beautiful": take the usual text, add pictures and decorations to it. But this is very far from the truth. In fact, designers believe that the form should depend on the function performed - an effective message transmission to the readers. Therefore, their goal is to create a beautiful and functional design, which requires a large number of skills and years of experience.


Don’t forget that in every industry you can find myths that do not cease to live among the experts of this industry. On an equal footing with designers, non-designers continue to support a lot of myths about creative people, burdened with unlimited creative abilities. Therefore, the next time you take on another project, remember that the design possibilities are endless and all the myths that you heard are standard costs that exist in any profession.


No matter what sphere of design your work in, logo design, graphic design, web design and so on, misunderstanding and myths can be seen everywhere. But if you are a professional, you will be able to understand what is true and what is false. Improve your skills, learn something new, try to know all the trend, find some inspiration and you would be a potential winner of the graphic design contests all over the world.

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